Remember this?

Some years ago, a prominent call center vendor brought a Ferrari to the main UK trade show with the underlying message: 'Drive as fast as you like!'

Then came outbound regulation, and the Ferrari disappeared.

But you can get Ferrari-like performance with a compliant dialer.

See our outbound product brief:

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The key technology that underpins telemarketing is predictive dialing and Sytel is globally recognised as the clear leader in this field.

How many times have you heard that claim from a vendor? And how many so called independent reviews have you read ‘confirming’ that the ABC and XYZ dialers are simply the best? At Sytel we don’t go in for hype; we believe in letting our products and our customers do the talking.

Our unique approach to predictive dialing has spawned a user base that extends to over 50 countries and our unrivalled and highly effective solution to the ‘performance / compliance conundrum’ has led to us advising many marketing organisations and regulators around the world on responsible dialing issues.

Do you know the predictive gain of your dialer?
Take the Predictive Gain testAre you paying for predictive and getting little more than progressive? Do you know how much extra talk time per hour your dialer is delivering over progressive mode when in predictive mode? To learn why you should perform the Predictive Gain benchmark test on your dialer, read this article we wrote for Call Centre Helper.

Or calculate the predictive gain of any outbound campaign using Oceanic™, Sytel's simulation and planning tool. Watch this video to learn how.

The Sytel predictive dialing solution is so effective that we are the only dialer vendor that is able to enforce dialer compliance in all markets. We do this because, no matter how tough the dialing conditions, our dialer can achieve excellent dialing performance with no need to stray outside compliance limits.

We are always happy to be put to the test and justify our claims. If you would like to benchmark us against any other dialer, just call us and ask us how we support free trials.

Our call centre solution for telemarketing is more than the best predictive dialer however. It is also about excellence in many other areas, including;

  • Browser-based Scripting, Campaign Management and Reporting applications that are rich in features, easy to use and easy to integrate
  • Comprehensive facilities for managing campaign details including multiple number dialing, pre and post start-up filters, time zone management and extensive retry facilities
  • The ability to support hosted campaigns for multiple tenants in a virtual world where agents, applications and data can each reside at whatever location the customer determines
  • A choice of TDM or VoIP technologies for managing calls, both to the network and also to agents
  • 24/365 technical support line for mission critical deployments

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