At Sytel we have always been passionate about our product documentation. This is a legacy of our early years, working primarily with integrators for whom detailed and accurate documentation was critical to their, and our, success.

Today we place as much emphasis on our documentation as ever, because we know that in a mission critical industry where waiting around for answers is not an option, accurate and accessible documentation is the most efficient way to provide responsive support on a global basis.

Keeping our documentation current is a priority at Sytel. We understand that inaccurate information can be more frustrating than no information. That's why, for example, our web based api information system is driven directly from our production xml data source. In fact, whenever possible we apply the principle of deriving all support and sales information from a single documentation source throughout the company in order to eliminate the chaos that otherwise so often takes over.

Mistakes are rare but whenever we find, or are told of an error in our documentation, it is updated within just hours.

Sytel's support documentation is web based and accessible from our support site. A snapshot of the documentation is included with our software installation as a backup for the occasional times when internet access is not available.

And in the unlikely event that the answers you require cannot be found in our documentation, just email or call our support team who will be on hand to help you.