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Every contact center and enterprise, whether hosted/ cloud or premise-based, has a unique set of needs. This is why Softdial Contact Center™ (SCC) is designed to be flexible, extensible and scalable, integrating with any legacy equipment, and meeting the most complex of requirements.

Find the solution for your needs below, or contact us to learn how SCC can meet your requirements.

(e.g. customer service, technical support, help desk)
SCC offers a smooth customer journey through IVR to the right CSR and great service.

(e.g. telesales, debt collection, market research)
Maximise agent talk time and minimise idle time while staying within legal limits for abandoned calls.
(inbound & outbound, across campaigns of any media type)
Respond instantly and automatically to service level threats by moving agents freely across campaigns of any media type.

(e.g. voice, email, chat, social media)
Make the most of customer engagement opportunities and maximise agent productivity by using a variety of media.