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Every inbound operation experiences spikes in demand. But much management time can be wasted and customer satisfaction lost by not handling these efficiently.

Softdial Contact Center™ (SCC) maximises efficiency by automatically and seamlessly reassigning agents to handle any surge in inbound demand. No more manual intervention, prediction or guesswork. These agents could be taken from campaigns of any media type (e.g. outbound voice, email, chat, etc) where a drop in agents numbers would not breach service levels or cause other problems.

But wouldn't taking agents off an outbound voice campaign cause a spike in abandoned calls? No, because SCC's dialing algorithm takes account of all campaign conditions including agent numbers, and automatically and instantaneously adjusts the dialing rate accordingly.

Automatic blending means that service levels are adhered to at all times, customers remain happy and best value can be achieved from your agents' time.

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