Sytel Solutions - Architecture

Softdial Contact Center™ (SCC) is the Sytel flagship suite of feature rich contact center applications and services.

Use the product sheets below to gain an overview of the areas in which we excel.

For partners interested in rebranding these brochures, the source files are available on request. Any factual changes may only be made with Sytel's prior written agreement.

Combined product sheets (v1.9, single PDF, 3.9Mb)
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Architecture (v1.4, 350Kb)
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Outbound Voice (v1.3, 380Kb)
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Inbound Voice (v1.2, 300Kb)
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Campaign Management (v1.0, 390Kb)
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IVR (v1.1, 265Kb)
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Media Services (v1.3, 190Kb)
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IP PBX (v1.3, 350Kb)
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Reporting and MIS (v2.3, 390Kb)
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Scripting (v1.1, 340Kb)
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Scripting for 3rd Party Integration (v1.2, 480Kb)
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Call Recording (v1.2, 310Kb)
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Softdial Phone (v1.1, 600Kb)
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About Sytel Products

Full solution or components
SCC can be deployed as a complete solution, combining full features with tight integration and fast deployment, or as modular enhancements to an existing configuration, adding world-class functionality while getting the best value from existing investment.

Best-of-breed components
At Sytel, we delight in thinking out-of-the-box. This leads us to rethink and reinvent from the ground up. With the world’s finest contact center developers working with cutting edge technology, we are redefining contact center standards such as predictive dialing, agent scripting and reporting to provide probably the best components around.

Hosted or premise-based
Whether you are looking to host services in the cloud or run as a stand-alone premise-based system, SCC will provide full functionality and the performance you need.

Secure multi-tenancy
In a hosted environment, all SCC components support solid and secure partitioning, ensuring a customer’s performance data are available for their eyes only.

Highly scalable
All SCC components are built to perform from 5 agents to 10,000+, and will grow alongside your business, offering excellent long-term investment value. Scale-up and scale-down can be performed on the fly in rapid response to changing business needs with no down time and no interruption in business flow.

Robust & resilient
All SCC components are architected to withstand the storms of the hard-working distributed contact center, where network and hardware failure is a fact of life. In such circumstances, SCC components gracefully clean up and recover with the minimum of customer intervention.

TDM, IP or hybrid
Whether you are looking to implement a state-of-the-art IP infrastructure or extend the life of your existing TDM investment, or a combination of both, SCC handles both IP and TDM traffic seamlessly, transparently and interchangeably, delivering the quality of service you expect with no fuss.

Access Anywhere, Anytime
Agents, supervisors, managers and IT personnel may need to get online from literally anywhere, whether as part of a company network, or a remote or home user. To meet this need, SCC front-end, management and maintenance functions are available via a web browser, anywhere, anytime.

Unified communications & presence?
Of course! SCC services will transport any data type you need – chat, email, SMS, video - seamlessly and without the need for extra configuration. Just integrate the front-end you want using our open, published APIs. SCC will handle presence information in the same way, giving you the visibility and flexibility you need over all resources.