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predictive gain test

Here is an extract from a longer article we wrote for Call Centre Helper.

Predictive gain over progressive dialing

The basis for judging whether a predictive dialer is any good is not how much talk time per agent hour it produces under compliance! It is about the quality of dialer performance under compliance. The only way to measure this is to look at the incremental performance that a dialer produces when, dialling under compliant conditions, it moves from progressive to predictive mode.

Take a look at the graph on the right, showing the kind of ‘predictive gain’ that a dialer produces on a typical telemarketing campaign with 20 agents. With a properly designed dialer, the ‘predictive gain’ can be very high, especially under tough dialling conditions, such as low levels of live calls. A corollary of this is that if a dialer is not designed to cope under the tough new regulations now facing dialers, then the opportunity cost, i.e. the loss in productivity can be equally big.

Test your dialer

Here's how.

  1. Run your dialer in predictive mode for half a day
  2. Run in progressive mode for the next half day, using the same data and numbers of agents. Dialing out in progressive mode means dialing out with just one trunk per waiting agent and is a mode that any dialer should be able to switch to easily.
  3. Compare the respective performances in terms of agent talk time per hour.

Some of you will get an unpleasant shock and you will appreciate the dilemma your supervisors face when you push them for better results, but also insist that they maintain compliance.

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