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Sytel’s combination of excellent predictive dialing performance and compliance with the strictest regulations for nuisance call rates is unique in the market research industry and can achieve as much as an extra 15 minutes talk time per hour for each interviewer.

If that seems a little hard to believe, read about how this achieved in our data sheet on Predictive Dialing in Market Research.

For more info on Sytel solutions for market research, please explore the documents in the column to the right >>

Do you know the predictive gain of your dialer?
Take the Predictive Gain testAre you paying for predictive and getting little more than progressive? Do you know how much extra talk time per hour your dialer is delivering over progressive mode when in predictive mode? To learn why you should perform the Predictive Gain benchmark test on your dialer, read this article we wrote for Call Centre Helper.

Or calculate the predictive gain of any outbound campaign using Oceanic™, Sytel's simulation and planning tool. Watch this video to learn how.

Sytel has extensive experience in working with market research software vendors to offer telephone interviewing to their customers, on both a standalone and a hosted basis. This, combined with excellent performance, makes Sytel the premier partner in the market research industry.

Sytel continues to invest in solutions for market research, currently at around £500k per year.

Sytel are experts in integration with 3rd party computer aided telephony interview (CATI) software and have integrated with market leaders such as

  • IBM SPSS Data Collection 6
  • Quancept
  • Confirmit
  • Nebu
  • Nipo
  • CfMC
  • Askia

The Sytel solution provides comprehensive call control and media facilities. A full range of dialing options, including predictive, power, progressive and preview are available.

In predictive dialing mode, Sytel deploys its unique, ‘massive simulation’ techniques which allows it to cope easily with the wide range of talk times that are typical of market research campaigns. This means achieving excellent predictive dialing performance without the need to stray outside compliance limits, a feature not available on any other predictive dialer.

Other features that come with our market research contact center solution include:

  • Call recording and retrieval. For the entire campaign, complete calls may be recorded, or just the answers to the interviewer’s questions
  • Built-in adherence to relevant dialing regulations
  • Call control features such as coaching, monitoring and transfers
  • Ability to play sound fragments
  • Agent and campaign reporting
  • Flexible telephony options – TDM, VoIP or a combination of both to manage calls to the network and to local or remote agents. Field proven as an all-IP solution, requiring no specialised hardware.
  • Comprehensive support before, during and after installation, anywhere in the world

Contact us to learn more about Sytel's contact center solutions for the market research industry.