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Customers and prospects often have high expectations and the better the technology the higher these expectations can become. We wonít tell call centers how to manage customer service but we will insist on providing the best possible technology so that our own customers can stay ahead of the game in terms of the services they can offer to their customers.

We like to be challenged. Hereís a sample of the kinds of customer service challenge that we rise to and meet.

Donít make customers repeat information.
A customer calls in and gives the first agent he talks to his details. If he is transferred to another agent (or then another!), he doesnít want to repeat this process
Ensure that you have an agent desktop application that allows you not just to pass on details, but also the desktop application the agent is using, to another agent or party, whether external or internal.
Allow a customer to escape your IVR system.
A customer is answered by an IVR system. He has a serious service issue that needs immediate attention.
Ensure that you can transfer the call quickly to an inbound agent, or enable the customer to leave his details so he receive an immediate response in the form he asks for, e.g. telephone, email.
Make information transparent.
Provide access to any relevant information when a customer contacts you prior to placing an order.
Make sure that at the point of contact with the customer the agent application has online access to whatever information, either internal or external, is likely to be required to help close the sale.
Timely customer updates.
Provide information on new products to customers likely to be interested, as soon as it is available.
Develop scripts that can be run regularly to interrogate customer preference lists and provide customer updates
Donít keep customers waiting on the phone.
Meet inbound service levels by utilising outbound agents.
Provide call blending facility that allows inbound service service levels to be met, without compromising outbound performance, and allow callers to leave a message so that you can call them back, quickly.

If you have a customer service where you think that better technology and systems could help you raise your service levels feel free to tell us more. Just email to servicechallenge@sytelco.com

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