is the world's largest provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software. Contact center users of Salesforce can leverage the power and precision of Sytel's Softdial Contact Center™ (SCC) to automate the handling of both inbound service and outbound sales calls. SCC offers best-of-breed predictive dialing, sophisticated call routing, TDM or SIP calling, an embedded softphone, IVR, and call recording.

Sytel has extensive experience of integration with 3rd party products, being the world leading supplier of OEM dialer components. Sytel is also the leading dialer provider for the Market Research industry, with integrations to all major CATI products.

Embedded call control

Agents can control all calls - even making ad-hoc calls with a single click - using the Sytel Softphone, which is embedded within the Salesforce web-based agent interface.


Figure 1. The Salesforce agent console with the embedded Sytel Softphone

The agent is talking to a customer while viewing his details. The softphone provides easy call control, including entering call disposition, from within a single unified console.

The Softphone is compatible with all major browsers and requires no software to be downloaded or plugins installed. Using the Softphone, the user can:

  • log in to/ log out from SCC
  • participate in inbound or outbound campaigns
  • transfer to, or conference with, another party
  • start/ stop recording
  • hang up and enter the 'wrap' (after call) phase
  • select a call outcome and end the session
  • request a break and select a 'Break Reason'
  • log out of SCC (but remain active in Salesforce)

Outbound sales performance

The Sytel outbound dialer, a core component of SCC, offers predictive, progressive and preview modes. Its sophisticated campaign and list inventory management features – including retry schemas, time zone management, alternate number dialing and end-of-list management - enable high performance automated dialing of Salesforce contacts.

SCC offers the highest predictive gain of any dialer. Predictive gain is the only accurate measure of predictive dialer quality - not how much talk time, but how much more talk time compared to dialing progressively under the same conditions. And it does this while minimizing nuisance calls under US (FTC/ FCC) or UK (Ofcom) rules. Sytel welcomes any benchmarking tests against other dialers.

Inbound service precision

For inbound service calls, SCC offers extensive and detailed control over call routing, based on CLI, DNIS, agent skills or route through IVR, ensuring that service calls are handled quickly and efficiently by the right agent.

Blended inbound/ outbound

SCC maximizes call center productivity by utilizing call blending, moving agents seamlessly and automatically between inbound and outbound campaigns in response to service levels. This makes best use of agent time, and minimizes the number of agents required to maintain SLAs.

Easy-to-use IVR

SCC includes a complete IVR system with a drag-and–drop design tool, enabling non-technical staff to design and implement complex flow logic.

Figure 2. The Sytel Softphone interface, ready for ad-hoc dialing

Figure 2. The Sytel Softphone interface, ready for ad-hoc dialing


Comprehensive call recording

Calls can be recorded either manually by the agent or automatically. SCC offers easy-to-use tools to find and play selected recordings as required.

Reporting and data feeds

SCC delivers data on current activity, past activity or a seamless mix of both, updating in real-time. A range of data delivery options are available to feed 3rd party reporting tools, web apps or Sytel's own web front-end.


  • Inbound and outbound calling
  • Predictive, progressive and preview modes
  • Softphone embedded within the Salesforce UI
  • Sophisticated outbound campaign management
  • Extensive detailed inbound call routing
  • Call blending
  • IVR
  • Call recording
  • Reporting and data feed options

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